Frequently Ask Questions

Most frequent questions and answers

I am the writer. I know how to draw a bit but the artists of the comics are Adrian Iglesia and Candela Grizutti, a couple from Argentina that live in Barcelona. Check them in Twitter and Instagram.

It is an ongoing series. I want to be able to release at least two issues per year. My goal will be to release one issue at least every two to three months.

I am a real System Administrator and I know the field. There was nothing out there of this type of comics. 

Right now my main focus is Adventures of a System Admin but I’m currently working on a Mythology which the first issue came on in Modern Mythology: Folklore Retold. The name of the series is El Galipote. I’m also working on another Mythology story called La Ciguapa. 

The book that basically got met into writing comics was The Art of Making Comics by Alex Simmons. Also check Words for Pictures by Brian Michael Bendis. 

I am currently following The Miles Morales Spiderman, and a couple of more indies.

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