Frequently Ask Questions

Most frequent questions and answers

I am the writer. I know how to draw a bit but the artists of the comics is a group that goes by Hackerstrip. Go check them out in Twitter and Instagram.

It is an ongoing series. I want to be able to release at least two issues per year for now. My goal will be to release one issue at least every two to three months.

I am a real System Administrator and I know the field. There were not much of this type of comics on the stores. 

Right now I want to focus on Adventures of a System Admin. I am open to collaborate if I am into the project. I will also be helping my wife that wants to create her own comic. Currently working on a Mythology Stories series. 

The book that basically got met into writing comics was The Art of Making Comics by Alex Simmons. Also check Words for Pictures by Brian Michael Bendis. 

I am currently following Punisher, The Immortal Hulk, The Amazing Spiderman, The Miles Morales Spiderman, Freeze, Prodigy and a couple of more.

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