Adventures of a System Admin

Adventures of a System Admin was created by Juan Espinosa in 2017. The idea first started since Juan wanted to be a cartoon. He commissioned Hackerstrip to create a cartoon of himself. In which they delivered the image to your left.

After creating the cartoon, Juan Espinosa when to Kids Comic Con at Bronx Community College in 2017. He bought a book called “The Art of Making Comics” by Alex Simmons. Mr. Simmons is also the founder of Kids Comic Con. Once Juan finished the book, he decided to make a comic-book. Why about Information Technology? Well for one there are barely comics about Information Technology in stores and Juan Espinosa is a real System Administrator.

Adventures of a System Admin is a continiuing series that we hope to keep making for years to come. Currently the only writer is Juan Espinosa but we are welcome to collaborations. Hackerstrip is the team that makes our art, we also hope to keep working with them for years to come.

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Story by Juan Espinosa